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Tales of the Abyss Anime Screencaps!

Alright, so since these are SUCH HUGE IMAGES and there are MANY OF THEM, we're looking at some pretty big file sizes. I originally had over 1000 screencaps but that would have been far too large to upload both to a gallery and archived/zipped. As it is, I still had to split the batch into four parts to upload the RAR files.

Gallery View
Because of the sheer... size of the batch download, I figure that if you really don't care about every single screencap I took, you aren't going to want to download those huge files. So if you want to pick and choose your screencaps--I've uploaded them all to a website I plan to use for all my screencaps in the near future. :D

Batch Download
[ Part 1 ] (98.94 MB) → Images 1 to 116.
[ Part 2 ] (99.62 MB) → Images 117 to 238
[ Part 3 | Alt (Megaupload) ] (99.35 MB) → Images 239 to 374
[ Part 4 ] (80.3 MB) → Images 375 to 482

→ Feel free to watch lightningism to be updated whenever I upload more screencaps.
→ Let me know if you're actually using the batch download. It takes... a hell of a lot of time to prepare so if I can cut the time in half by just uploading to the gallery and being done with it, I'd like to know. XD
→ And again, let me know if you're using these. :D I'm just interested to know if they're going to good use.
→ No hot-linking from my gallery please. :( I actually PAY for that bandwidth, so when I whine about losing it, it's for a damn good reason.
→ Credit isn't necessary, though it is appreciated.
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